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Re: Sony telecine

On 18 Sep 1997 Dick Hobbs wrote--->

>How many people went to see the Sony demonstration at IBC? I have seen no
>comment yet, so can I assume that everyone was as unimpressed as I was?

To all,

I saw the Sony telecine at IBC the other day and was duly and very much
UN-impressed.  I was startled to see lots of video noise, a dull looking
blocked up image with no detail but obvious fat aperture correction
outlines on everything.  The images looked as if the optics were dirty
obscuring all separation of tones in the dense portions of the image.  When
I asked if the aperture correction could be turned down the engineer
demonstrating the machine said it only had an ON/OFF switch, no
programmable level control.  I suspect that an upconverted image from a
well tuned URSA Gold would probably give better results.  I also felt the
image was jittering even in still mode (so much for active electronic
registration?).  All the transport rollers are under plastic covers
including the large PTR rollers.  To clean the film path requires removal
of the covers, a big nuisance in my opinion.  I bet those covers will be
the first thing to disappear on an installed machine.  If Sony's reason for
designing this machine is to give more stable images to make the MPEG
process work better, then why didn't they spend some money on the rest of
the machine to get decent looking images?

Dave Corbitt

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