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Re: Sony telecine

Christopher Bacon reminded me that I did not put a delivery date in my
earlier posting on the Sony telecine. The words used to me were "end of
1998, or maybe the beginning of 1999."

The other thing said was that they were working on a 1,080 active line
chip: the CCD currently used is, of course, 1,035 lines in accordance with
the normal Sony HDVS system.

Dave Corbitt raised the subject of jitter. I didn't like to mention this in
my original posting, because I hate to kick a man when he is down, but the
choice of demonstration material was either very clever or very stupid,
dependent upon your preference for conspiracy or cock-up theories.

It was a trailer for a Bruce Willis action movie, so the entire length of
this short piece of film was jump cuts of frantic action. Add to this the
fact that it was 24 fps but the telecine only runs at 30 fps, and you can
guess that it was pretty difficult to get any sense of vertical stability
by eyeball. Except that they always parked the film on the caption that
said the censors had approved this preview for our sensitive minds. In stop
the film was moving up and down probably as much as a couple of lines.

Dick Hobbs

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