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Re: Sony telecine

In a message dated 97-09-19 06:39:45 EDT, Dick Hobbs wrote:

<< delivery date in my earlier posting on the Sony telecine. The words used
to me were "end of 1998, or maybe the beginning of 1999." >>

If I'm not mistaken, isn't this is at least a year behind the "delivery
dates" mentioned at NAB last Spring?

<< The other thing said was that they were working on a 1,080 active line
chip: >>

This makes a lot of sense; 1080 lines is a common multiple between the 480
active lines in NTSC and 585 active lines in PAL, making conversions between
various television standards around the world a lot easier to achieve.  (720
lines is another common multiple of the two).  It's not by accident that 1080
and 720 lines are two of the three format choices in the American Grand
Alliance/ATV standard!  The 1035 active lines of 1125-line HDTV, on the other
hand, don't readily convert into anything else, yet another reason why the
standard hasn't gained tremendous popularity.

<< In stop the film was moving up and down probably as much as a couple of
lines. >>


Best Regards,
Christopher Bacon

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