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Re: Sony telecine

In a message dated 97-09-20 10:43:29 EDT, BEATLEs484 wrote:

<< You guys are really giving this machine a beating!!! I remember when all
 the Rank users were doing the same thing on the TIG about the Spirit. But
 it seems like everyone wants one. >>

The situation is not analogous.  Philips did not say or do things that fly in
the face of the experience and knowledge of others in this business.  Their
biggest client did not make pronouncements in respected journals about the
inadequacy of a popular film format, based on misapplied science.  Philips
does not own post production facilities in competition against its hardware
customers.  And Philips was anything but secretive about their efforts -- if
anything, a little too much was said, and there was a negative reaction
against some of the hoopla.

Aside from that, thousands of telecines are in operation worldwide.  Philips
has only managed to sell a couple dozen Spirits to that market.  To say
"everybody wants one" is a slight overstatement.

<< Why dont you give Sony a break and see what happens. They might fix the
problems they might not but at least give them a chance. >>

I think most facilities would be very happy if they could buy true HDTV
telecines with  the same or similar features and performance as are
commonplace now, but at a more economical price than Spirit or what has been
estimated for C-Reality.  Ultimately, somebody will put such a machine on the
market, but whether it turns out to be a Sony or not is entirely up to Sony.

Cordially yours,
Christopher Bacon

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