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E-Pix Help, anyone??

Hi, all:

I am wondering if there's anyone out there who might know of a trove of 
blank Panasonic/Matsushita 12" WORM disks that were used in the E-Pix 
system?  They are the TQ-FH-331 (30 minute) or TQ-FH-332 (60 minute) 
disks, and need not come in the external cartridge holder.  

I have a friend who is working on a time-lapse video project and needs a 
bunch of these disks, preferably at a price consistent with the disks 
being, well, surplus to someone's needs!  He needs about 100 of them.

All help (even a good discounting retail source if you have one) 

John Snopes
Muncie, Indiana

PS:  I'd love to hear more about this Sony Telecine.  I've enjoyed most 
of the posts so far...  anyone out there have a demo tape from the thing?

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