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Engineer, Seattle, WA USA

Pinnacle Post, Seattle WA, is looking for qualified applicants who
want to work evenings in our engineering department. Qualified
applicants should have a solid working knowledge of digital video and
audio systems and their maintenance.  Experience with D-1 and Digital
Betacam VCR's and digital video switchers and routers is
important. Knowledge of Cintel telecine systems, da Vinci color
correctors, Quantel Henry and HAL, Macintosh computer systems and data
routing systems is preferred.

Pinnacle Post offers excellent salary and benefits. If you want to work
evenings at Pinnacle, please send your resume' to:

Tim Holmgren
Pinnacle Post 
2334 Elliott Ave
Seattle, WA 98121  or
E-mail:tim_holmgren at pinnpics.com
FAX:(206) 441-9019

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