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RE: Sony Telecine & Sony D1 Tape stock

> Anyone out there having problems with Sony D1 long play tape stock
> packing
> on the hubs??? Our experience suggests 40% of brand new stock fails to
> pack
> properly on 16x FF/REW through a DVR2000.
> Paul,
> Many times when we have shipped a long play masters to the states ,
> they couldn't be used. I think during shipping the weight of the tape
> pushes it up against the casing (with a bit of help from the handlers)
> and then it cant play out properly. This may be a result of bad
> packing. If you look closely at the tape you may see the edges bent
> over or bruised. We try to use shorter tapes now, which don't have the
> same problem.
> Hope you are well , congrats on the baby.
> Graham 

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