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    Hello all,
                    I would like to re-open a debate which I believe is
relevant to the Sony HDTV issue.
    After recent discussions with an American manufacturing division we
came to the conclusion that HDTV broadcasting in the USA could not be
sustained in the foreseeable future.
I know this is a sweeping statement but it was based on a number of
    Firstly broadcasting HD signals; as I understand it are 4 times the
bandwidth of 525/625. New antenna towers would have to be built. With
only 3 tower building companies in the USA, even if permission to build
were given immediately it takes 3 months to build one tower per TV
station. With 1500 or so TV stations in the USA it would take years,
maybe 100 years to gear up.
So if we rule out that method of broadcasting and also rule out
re-Cableing as impractical that leaves satellite, and I don't believe
the networks would give up 150 million cabled customers for the present
million satellite owners.
    Secondly who is going to pay $7000 for a new TV not to mention VCR
for a system that the public isn't crying out for, let's face it 16:9
sets aren't exactly shifting as it is.
    Thirdly let's "follow the money":- if the main revenue for a TV
station/network is through advertising, which agency is going to be able
to justify to their client a budget for HDTV transfer/editing etc. when
nobody will be watching.
    Now the point I'm getting to is as far as most facilities are
concerned a 525/625 HD switchable telecine is a pointless acquisition.
The only reason we're looking at C-Reality is that it boasts true 2K
which we might use for film scanning as we have a Feature film SFX dept.
and it might work well with our Domino setup.
    The average viewer seems far more impressed with faster refresh
rates/Line doublers
and indeed programs being shot on film, than a leap to 1200 lines.
    So let Sony build their HD telecine and in 2 years time after a year
of HDTV transmissions we'll see who wants, or indeed needs one.


           Thanks to Lipsner-Smith for support in 1997

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