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On Sep 27,  9:12, "Neil B. Feldman" wrote:
} Subject: Re: HDTV WHY???

> Even within the amateur radio community I am not aware of any serious
> widespread homebrew television experimentation being accomplished at HDTV
> resolution and frame rates.  (Slow-scan images may be another
> matter). 

Being an amateur radio operator myself, I can say that expense is
probably the biggest factor here.  HDTV also requires a ton of
bandwidth, and our frequencies are already under assault.  It's too
bad we don't have the resources to experiment with HDTV; packet radio,
TCP/IP, and other internet protocols were pioneered by hams in the
1970's and 80's.

> I am willing to stick my neck out and suggest that less than 3% of TIG
> subscribers would characterize themselves as "dedicated
> videophiles".
> How about an informal survey, Rob?

Sure Neil.  I'll start it by stating that I am a part-time audiophile
(what musician isn't?) but very definitely not a videophile.  And for
me that is very much because I work in the video industry-- I don't
like taking my work home with me.


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