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I tend to agree with what Mike says here, but I'd like to add a few
opinions of my own.

Consumer demand rarely fuels the beginning of any new technology.  What
typically happens is that industry introduces new products, and the
demand follows.  There was no pent up consumer demand for personal
computers, for example, but look how many people own them now, in fact
they can hardly imagine life without them.  I think the same will hold
true for HDTV.

I think the growth of HDTV will be slow, and gradually build up steam. 
Broadcasters are only being required to be digital by 2006, they aren't
required to broadcast HDTV.  Studios are slowly beginning to accept 16 x
9 SDTV and HDTV as a necessary next step.  Consumers will most likely
use set top D to A converters until their sets wear out, and then they
might consider digital HDTV.  I think HDTV will evolve much the same way
that the home VCR are computers have;  slow acceptance at first with a
gradual building of momentum.  Whether the public really needs it or
wants it now is really not the issue, it's bound to happen.  I'll bet we
can all point out lots of gadgets around your house that 25 years ago no
one had any use for.  

So I go on record as disagreeing with the both the nay sayers and the
boosters.  HDTV will happen, but will it considerably improve our
quality of life?  I think not.  But like Mike says, it will grease the
wheels of capitalism and give us a new gadget to play with, and I'm sure
I'll have one in my home, along with all the other stuff I never knew I
needed, but take for granted today.

Phil Voss
Blue Water Post

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