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I blew it!


Well, I see how I screwed it up.  Your Avid's Mac had Claris EMailer 2.0 
on it, so I figured I'd use the new version, and loaded my account info 
into it.  But it wasn't set up as the default account, your account still 
was.  So many people will think you wrote them and not me, and you may 
get some of my return mail. A freaking mess.

I've probably downloaded 40 pieces of your mail by mistake and written to 
several people using your account.  You will have several new penpals and 
meet exciting new people from the XXX Teen Chat Line.  (Just kidding.)

I will try to forward you all this mail (includes several business 
opportunities using your computer at home for big $...  well, a little 
like having an Avid but I think this involves addressing envelopes) and 
some mail that appears to be business related.  (I won't read it).

So next time, if you ever rent out the Avid again, I'd strip off any 
non-Avid stuff  (That's right, blame the blameless!)  I guess now isn't 
the time to bring up the hard-drive problems? Just kidding.

I am embarrassed of course, and apologize profusely.  BTW, EMailer's not 
bad, but its spell checker can't spell Mac or EMailer.  Ponder that one.  
(Can it spell Intel?  Yes.  Scary.)


>Hey John:
>On the Avid you're renting from me I apparently left my Claris EMailer 
>software with my Mindspring account info loaded.  Apparently you have been 
>sending mail from my account there, and are probably getting mail that is 
>intended for me.  That also explains why when I try to log on I'm told my 
>account is already logged on...  had me very confused.
>Please forward me any mail that should be mine, and please don't send mail 
>from my account, as it could lead to misunderstandings and confusion.  
>Hope the Avid's working well.  Remember you have to turn off drive 
>filtering or else stripe the older SCSI (fast, not wide) drives 4 ways to 
>get AVR77.  Let me know when you'll be finished with it, ok?
>Hi to Ellen, and tell Bobby to be sure and keep those mags clean!  (Last 
>stuff I saw looked like he shot in a duststorm! Does he need an air 
>compressor for Christmas?  Or just a different camera??)  

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