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On Sat, 27 Sep 1997 05:41:34 -0400  Asa Shoul wrote:

>only 3 tower building companies in the USA, even if permission to build
>were given immediately it takes 3 months to build one tower per TV
>station. With 1500 or so TV stations in the USA it would take years,
>maybe 100 years to gear up.

Um, don't you think demand will cause new tower companies to spring
up, or for existing ones to enhance their ratings so they could get
in on the act?  Sorta like the building of the railroad infrastructure
in the US?  Didn't take 100 years for new RR companies to spring up.

>    Secondly who is going to pay $7000 for a new TV not to mention VCR
>for a system that the public isn't crying out for, let's face it 16:9
>sets aren't exactly shifting as it is.

Have to agree with you there, but what about set-top convertors (not
unlike what is already sued for DSS, etc., which could sell for a few
hundred and be a stopgap for the general population until CRT or other
display devices (hold out for flat panel or DMD!) come down in price.

Same thing applies to post and broadcast- there might be ways to 
squeeze out more life from our current (601 SDTV) investmebts and
"ease" (capytal-wise) to full HD, for example, the data compressors
that convert D1/D5 machines to "HD".  Not the best, but it does
provide a possible transtion path.

>    Thirdly let's "follow the money":- if the main revenue for a TV
>station/network is through advertising, which agency is going to be able
>to justify to their client a budget for HDTV transfer/editing etc. when
>nobody will be watching.

That's a tough one, and that's why this won't work if everyone has
to suddenly rebuild.  It needs to transition, much like we transitioned
from analogue to digital production.  (lots of A/D, D/A for a while,
wasn't there?)

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