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>>    Secondly who is going to pay $7000 for a new TV not to mention VCR
>>for a system that the public isn't crying out for, let's face it 16:9
>>sets aren't exactly shifting as it is.
>Have to agree with you there, but what about set-top convertors (not
>unlike what is already sued for DSS, etc., which could sell for a few
>hundred and be a stopgap for the general population until CRT or other
>display devices (hold out for flat panel or DMD!) come down in price.

Yes, but what consumer in their right mind would want to pay $200-500 for 
a box that lets them, well, receive TV signals in glorious NTSC?  I mean, 
they can already do that!  The box would somehow improve their lives??  

And what will happen to the cable industry -- as I understand it DTV/HDTV 
won't pass through most cable headends...  and the cable boom is over -- 
at least to the extent that the industry hates to invest more money in 
infrastructure unnecessarily.

That's my guess, anyway.

John Snopes
Muncie, Indiana

PS:  Forgive me for erroneously sending personal EMail to the entire 
group.  I'm renting an Avid and used the EMail software on the machine... 
 didn't check the addressees.  Sorry to everyone.


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