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Re: Perc and Safety

     Brent wrote:
     <<We are planning to convert our film cleaners from Trichlor to Perc. 
     If anyone else out there has done this we would be interested in 
     knowing what changes you made>>
     What kind of machines are you planning to convert and where are they 
     located(geographically)?  There are MANY factors to consider.  You 
     will lose considerable production due to the fact that Perc does not 
     evaporate/dry as quickly as Trichloroethane/Methyl Chloroform.  The 
     machine will have to be slowed to approximately one third of your 
     current speed.  You probably have to increase the exhaust capacity of 
     your machine as well to  avoid complaints (valid, as well as invalid) 
     about the smell.  You may have to increase the air exchange in the 
     area where the equipment is located to accommodate the increased 
     exhaust. Because the smell is different you will get a number of 
     complaints, even if the Perc levels in the area are well within 
     allowable limits.
     Just a FEW things the consider in making the conversion.
     Rick Anthony
     Duart Film & Video

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