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>The new DTV broadcasts will have no snow or ghosts.   When decoded in a
>set-top box and presented to the S-Video input of an NTSC television set
>they'll produce no chroma crawl either.   The net delivered quality to
>the consumer could be quite a bit better than that which one can receive
>via today's NTSC analog transmissions.

Sure, that is all true.  But most consumers seem pretty content watching 
VHS tapes...  my bet is that (unless mandated - like CDs were over vinyl) 
that DTV will have market penetration similar to laser disk.  Some people 
care about quality, many do not.  And notice how few TVs have S-Video 
inputs these days -- much harder to find than 3 or 4 years ago.

The small number of videophiles here brings to mind a record mastering 
engineer I know who has no home stereo or car stereo...  he listens hard 
during the day, and takes a break after that.  Kind of like you colorists!
(I assume your eyes can get quite bleary after a long day of making us 
cinematographers look good...)

Wish I had a Predicta!  

John Snopes
Muncie, Indiana

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