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I did actually clone the DAT, but to a Digi beta, transfering the Aaton
code to the timecode track.  I gave up shortly after pressing record as
the LTC light started flashing.  So to end this thread I am assuming
laying aaton code on track two of a DAT is non standard (quite apart
from the fact that I think something was definately wrong with it!).

Thanks for the responses.


Tim Bond wrote:

> Ken Robinson wrote:
> >
> > Quick question....
> >
> > Is there a standard for recording Aaton code on a DAT?  I received a
> > with normal DF code on address track and Aaton code on track 2...
> Had
> > problems making use of the code, hence the question.
> 'Seems as though that's a rather backwards way of supplying field
> audio
> to a post house!  --

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