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On Mon, 29 Sep 1997 15:41:48 -0400  KA2IQB at aol.com wrote:

>Now compression algorithms may get to
>be very much more clever than they are now, and the hardware will surely
>improve, but beyond a certain point, there is only so much you can expect
>from one-fourteenth the bandwidth of a D-1 VTR.

True, but there doesn't necessarily exist a correlation between bandwidth
and perception of the "experience".  This is pointed out every single time
somebody says "The book was better than the movie."  The problem I think
is that the technology will improve but the content will remain as vapid
as ever.  That's TV. :-)

>As an aside, I am about the exact opposite of a "videophile."...

>Cordially yours,
>Christopher Bacon

Yeah, I have a 26" set (my wife made me buy it) and T-W Cable... why I pay
$25/month for that noise delivery system is beyond me.  I'd rather watch my
Predicta, at least there's no chroma crawl, and it's interactive-  Have to
adjust the rabbit ears or H-Hold every few minutes... keeps the audience in-

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