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Fwd: Re: DAT (Aaton code on track two)

Said  Ken Robinson  30/09/97 17:02 :-

>>> Is there a standard for recording Aaton code on a DAT?  
>>> I received a DAT with normal DF code on address track and Aaton code 
>>> on track 2... (Ken Robinson) 
>> Seems as though that's a rather backwards way of supplying field
>> audio to a post house!  (Tim Bond)

> I did actually clone the DAT, but to a Digi beta, transfering the Aaton
> code to the timecode track.  I gave up shortly after pressing record as
> the LTC light started flashing.  So to end this thread I am assuming
> laying aaton code on track two of a DAT is non standard 

Hi Ken,

Seems I am late on this thread, closing the barn door when the lama 
is out.  But I think you should not eliminate the possibility 
to cope with this situation in the future.

For sure the normal way is to record atoncode on the TC track 
--Nagra, DAT or N-track ATR--; but in some occasions one doesn't 
want to put these obtrusive and quite expensive recorders 
in the fields.  
You must then use tiny 'consumer' recorders --cassette or DAT--, 
in which there is no other means to record time code but on 
track two (for this purpose, among other mnfctrs, we make 
a play-card pack size 1ppm accurate Smpte LTC generator).

Back to the lab the sound is digitised with a DAW which transfers 
the tape onto disk using the LTC --whatever its frame rate and 
playback drift--, as the 48kHz sampling reference 
(the way an Aaton InDaw works).
Thus you get a frame rate independant timecoded master CD-ROM* 
(*now at $2, a godsend) which can be InstaSync'd on your Keylink 
to whatever the video frame rate you want: 29.97df, 25, 23.98 
or 24.02, you name it.

You should run and bring the lama back.


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