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Bill Topazio and I got back last week from the "Customer Week Open House"
at Cintel in Ware (UK).  The main event was the C-Reality.  I have to admit
the machine looks very good.  Images are clean, very quiet, artifact free
and it really does do 2k RGB (2048 x 1536 pixels, full res in RGB). One
thing that impressed me was how far Cintel has streamlined and modernized
their R and D and production areas.  I hadn't been to Ware since 1986 and
the differences in the factory are pretty incredible.  We saw automated PCB
manufacture, up to date CAD systems, a clean facility (no smoking allowed
anywhere on site).  Cintel is promising they are on target and on schedule
for showing a fully finished system at NAB '98. I will send in more
impressions when time permits.  It looks like there is still plenty of room
for flying spot film scanning in the immediate Hi-Res future. (C-Reality
also can do 525/625 with HD coming soon).  No one paid me for this
endorsement and I have no affiliation with Cintel (anymore).

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