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Sony telecine

Dick Hobbs wrote;
I asked the big question: if the world market for telecines is 75 machines
a year, why is Sony getting involved? This is part of a wider market, was
the reply. Does anyone else feel as I do, that Sony is getting into
telecine simply as part of its plan for world domination, wanting to be
able to supply end to end solutions, rather than out of a genuine desire to
build a better film transfer system. If it really wanted to be in the
telecine business, it would at least find out what that business is.

Sorry for sounding off. Anyone want to leap to Sony's defence?

Mike Reichel replies

1. After lunch the last day at IBC I drifted over to Sony, after trying to
find the place.
Saw the machine - being wrapped up in bubble plastic by a team of Japaneese
gentlemen. So I missed it again.

2. This is no support of a product I have not seen, but my personal opinion
is that Sony are not trying to combat BTS and Cintel. If the market for 75
tks per annum is true or not  I can not say byt it becomes HUGE if you
consider the need for content to DVD and all of those digital networks
popping up like mushrooms on my lawn on a humid autumn day (it would help
if I cut the grass more frequently...).  Existing high end infrastructure
of tks are not sufficient nor cost effective enough to cope with those
vast archives of film vaulted around the world. Nor is there a chance that
content can be produced at required rate.

So, maybe Sony are not trying to win "whos got the best box" game (who
wants to be judge?) rather the one "whos got the most sold box". Think this
is more the Sony party line.  Keep in mind Sony is no longer just a
hardware mfgr/designer but also has a serious stake in content.

Good to note, at last, some fire on the TIG!!!

rgds/Mike Reichel

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