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EXR 5293

I have now come accross the same problem again with this stock as

1st time: shoot was with tungsten light, 200asa.  US style pool table,
but the baize/felt came out a very nice green, NOT what the Director
wanted at all.

2nd time (today).  Shoot with a green car outside, no lights, just a
polariser and the car came out blue.  I know its not my equipment, cos
the film wasput up on another manufacturers TK and it was the same.

DP for todays job said he had come across the problem before in the US
on some pack shots.

All ears, while I am chasing the lamma.  BTW, I confirmed that the DAT
Aaton code was bad.

My Spanish is getting better as in I was just saying to a client that I
had bought an Iguana over the weekend, his reply was that he didn't
smoke the stuff!

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