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	Hi all, 
	Two weeks ago, I saw "The Wizard of Oz" on TV, beautiful as always,
Technicolor in all its glory, then three days ago, by coincidence, some
clients come to my telecine asking if I could reproduce a technicolor look
with colorgrading. Guess what they give me as a reference: a D1 tape of
......"The Wizard of Oz". THE new video master, re-telecined, regraded,
degrained etc... The problem is that this tape was the most disgusting
telecine job I have ever seen in my life, my assistant would have done
better, this had nothing to do with what I had seen on TV two weeks ago, on
top of bad grading, it was very noisy (not grain, telecine noise). It was
obvious that this was not from a technicolor print but from a new negative
(how new, I don't know). So, all of this to tell you that I am p...off, to
see this film transfered by a beginner on an old MarkII or whatever, and
not even from an original technicolor print, and thinking that many people
are going to pay to see that. 

	Jean-Clement "colorist in a bad mood today"

(I know French people are always in a bad mood) 


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