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On Oct 2, 15:57, KA2IQB at aol.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: HDTV WHY???

> First, the FCC mandated that FM stations could not simply
> retransmit the same programming as AM; 

> But as long as DTV is used to
> transmit the same generally mediocre programming as NTSC, 

so it was an FCC mandate that enabled the advance in technology for
radio, and so it should have been with HDTV... were there really no
strings attached to the FCC's recent gift to the networks of extra
bandwidth?  Did the US government not suspect that it might not be
used for HDTV?

My dream is that PBS somehow acquires the ability and money from
somewhere --perhaps from a government frustrated with the commercial
networks' reluctance to improve the technology-- and brings (H)DTV to
its generally higher level of programming.


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