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Re: technicolor

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<< Then I went to Mitch our specialist here who
 explained it was very possible to make Kodak negatives from a technicolor
 film. When such films are re-run in theaters, the copies we watch, come
 from this kind of neg I suppose. >>

I believe the precise method of restoration is that an I.P. is made directly
from the Technicolor negatives( 3 strip B/W), from which an I.N. is then
created. This new I.N. will then be used to make new release prints, if so
desired.  For video mastering, most likely the I.P. would be used. This was
certainly the case for "Gone With The Wind", however I know not from whence
the "Wizard" masters came. I do know there have been multiple remasters of
that film in recent years, at least one of them from an archival Technicolor
I.B. print.
David Bernstein
Senior Colorist, The Post  Group West

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