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HDTV Why not?

I have just come up for air long enough to notice that the TIG has
chosen my favorite topic to dicuss. HDTV. I will not choose to debate
what the consumer wants because as I have seen the inner workings of TV,
I am too biased to make any rational decision on comsumer choices and I
barely get around to fixing my own VCR at home.  
	What I will comment on is that as workers in the film transfer
bussiness HDTV will affect all of our lives sooner or later. As long as
capitalism still thrives and competition amoung Post houses and
manufacturs continues higher resolution products (equipment and content)
will continue to take shape. We here and I believe many others just like
us have been putting every effort into making pictures look better.
Why?? Because we want to be the best and we want the clients knocking on
our door not the post house down the street. This competition in LA
alone has brought about at least 5 HDTV Film transfer suties on line in
LA that I know of. I am sure there are more here that I don't know of.
This competition within Post Houses creates favorable price structures
for the production people and creates sales for manufacturs of decent
equipment at an affordable price. This goal of making better pictures
has brought us to 1920x1080i HDTV.Why? First of all its real time. I
would love to be at 2K by 2k but I am unaware of any system that does
this with color correction in real time. Real time is very important for
the deadlines that are forced upon all of us. Second, a universal
oversampled master from which you can derive out most of the DTV formats
in real time. Film scanned progressively and can be put back into
1920x1080p  at  24fps. I don't know if you would like wacthing things at 24
fps however with frame buffers in the display devices 1920x1080p
displayed at 72hz is getting a little closer to Showscan.
	My point is that it doesn't really matter what the consumer will
choose. Manufacturs will continue to make better equipment, we will
continue to try and out do the other guy and our pictures at the post
house will allways look better than what you wacth at home. If the
pictures don't look better then we are in trouble. Sooner or later HDTV
will find its way into the home (my computer at home is just lacking the
temporal resolution)and we will be on to scanning 70mm at 4k by 4k 60fps
in realtime.
	I will now go back to moving our entire facility into new digs.
Construction starts soon, hopefully I will be able to come up for more
air soon.

Howard Lukk
I.V.C.,Burbank CA.

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