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Re: DVD-From Where and How

Bill Hogan wrote on 10/4/97 8:57 AM the following:

>It adds the 3rd Field for every other film frame.....you have a
>Digiscan/Telecine Framestore in your DVD player at home for less than
>$500.  Who says that technology is not amazing?  DVD players have
>4:2:0 Digital Signal processing internally which is up-converted to
>4:2:2 to output to  composite, component Analog outputs or
>S-Video(almost as Good) outputs to feed to your home display.

I have two questions.

Can the same DVD disk be played in players outside US, for example, 
Europe with 625 line, 50 Hz scan rate?

Any ballpark estimate of converting a 100 minute 35mm color film to DVD?

Anil Srivastava

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