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"True", "True" (H)DTV....and the relation to 720/60P Display Syst ems

Tom McMahon wrote:

> Am I wrong here?  


>  Ever get twice the RAM or
> twice the CPU clock speed in your computer for less cost?   

YES   (286 to Pentium)

> Ever get twice the horsepower in your car or twice the watts in your stereo (at a
> given distortion level) for less cost?  

YES  (Turbos & Intercoolers)

> What makes shadow mask or
> display surface technology so different than semiconductor lithography
> technology or the rest of the real world?  


I don't presume to give you marketing lessons but you seem to have
forgotten some simple principals.

In the first few years there are very few buyers and very little
competition or variation of a product type.  As time goes by and the
market is educated and products sell more units.  This amortizes the R&D
costs which drops the ticket price.  Because the ticket price drops more
people are interested.  The numbers of the items sold increase which
make manufacturing cheaper.  (a unit costs less to make when you make
100,000 units at a time than when you make 100). (Maths)

Some examples of this are:-
AVS ADAC Standards convertor (4f/4l) approx cost in 1985   = Australian
Snell & Wilcox CVR-45 Standards Convertor (4f/4l) approx cost in 1997  
= Aust $25,000
286/16MHz PC in 1985 sold with 20Mb HD & 1Mb RAM  = A$2,000
Pentium Pro/200Mhz w/ 16Mb RAM & 2 Gbyte HD       = A$1,600
Data Projector (CRT Type) in 1987    =A$50,000
Data Projector (CRT Type) in 1997    approx A$30,000
LCD Portable Data Projector in 1997    approx A$5,000

I could go on..  but I am sure you get the point that the problem is not
the display technology but the real problem is the content.  When all
the boffins agree on the delivery system & standard (which is totaly
academic) the production comunity will have to supply appropriate
content to sell it to the real world of consumers.  As we all know they
are the ultimate customers.

We should be pushing the boffins to finalise the standrs (delivery &
resolution) so we can get on with what we do.

I will get off my soap box now.  I know there are many others with far
more quaulifications and more to say on the topic than me.  I am also
sure they will say it more eloquently and they'll definatly spell
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