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Re: "True", "True" (H)DTV....and the relation to 720/60P Display Syst ems

>Now for your video camera material ie. News, Game Shows, Sports
>your 1280x720p buys you a 720 vertical spatial resolution for your 60fps
>frame rate compared with the 540 vertical spatial resolution of
>1920x1080i at 60fps.You've got a 74.25Mhz production bandwith slice it
>any way you see fit. 
>Howard Lukk
Sorry Howard but this isn't quite true. The interlaced resolution is higher
than 540 lines. You may want to take a look for info on Kell Factor which
gives the perceived resolution. A value of 0.7 is normally used. This is the
whole reason for using interlace in the first place. Dig out a copy of
"Transmission and Display of Pictorial Infomation" by D.E. Pearson. This has
is a great  fundamentals book on spatio-temporal resolution and and
colorimetry for imaging. Plus Don was my PhD supervisor in the 70's before I
baled out and got into the grubby business of Television.

Phil Bennett (X-Abekas)

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