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   I know this is a telecine group, and this question might be out of your
folks line of work, but you also appear to be the group of people with the
highest level of technical proficiency in the video business on the
internet.  Perhaps one of you could pass this on to a co-worker who might
have a solution for me.
  I work in an edit room with 5 Digi-Beta's and several other digital VTRs,
all of which have their "proc-amp/TBCs" controlled by the a Zaxcom TBC
remote unit.  The Digi-Betas are controlled thru the TBC port on the back
of the machine via a small Zaxcom local control panel.  This is identical
to how you control a standard or SP Beta machine with a Zaxcom system, the
controls are all analog.  This leads to a situation where attempting to
invoke "UNITY" on the Zaxcom send only a "best guess" of those analog
levels to the "TBC" controls on the VTR instead of a "UNITY" command. And
on several of the Digi-Betas it is no where near a true unity.  Now on our
D-2 machines,  The Zaxcom Hub is connected directly to a digital "Video
Audio Level" port on the back the VTR, no interconnect box, its all digital
and the machine goes into a true unity mode.  If any of you or your
co-workers have a way to accomplish the same thing with our Digi-Betas and
Zaxcom, I would really appreciate hearing about it.

Thank you in advance

M. Scott Cole
Post Production, 60 MINUTES

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