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Film as Data

Hello all,

Has anyone out there had experience utilizing the Spirit Datacine to
pipe 35mm film directly to DATA rather than to D1/high-def/tape/etc.? We
are shooting some new content for our compositing courses and we want to
transfer our effects elements (blue/green screen, difference mattes,
moco) directly to SMPTE .DPX files on hard disc in order to keep them as
RGB data all the way through our graphics pipleline. It looks as if we
(SGI) may have to provide an Onyx 2 or Origin server in order to keep up
with the bandwidth demands of doing this at any reasonable speed. Is
anyone doing this? Is this insane? Should we be beaten about the face
and head until we come to our senses?

thanks in advance for the info...
and thanks for the great telecine page!

Alan Lasky
Digital Effects Specialist
Silicon Studio Los Angeles 

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