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Re: Watch yer laydowns

On Oct 12, 20:01, Bob Festa wrote:
} Subject: Watch yer laydowns

> entire lay down of said commercial until a later date. Those of you who
> run daVinci know what a cursor in picture looks like. I'm afraid the
> aforementioned colorists assistant did not recognize the implication of
> being in record with said cursor in picture.

As Bob knows, it has become an interesting custom here in Los Angeles
in commercial transfer for the colorist to work with the clients
through multiple lab rolls of correction without recording the work
until the end of the session, at which point the client generally
leaves to go shopping or to catch a plane back to
Munich, Tokyo, or Aspen.

A seductive temptation exists to leave the laydown part of the session
completely in the assistant's hands, especially if the session has
involved strenuous machinations of translation and wrong assumptions.
I've had to tie myself to the chair to keep from bounding out into the

So apparently the colorist in Bob's example didn't give the laydown
even a cursory glance.  


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