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Unidentified subject!

   Good question, The answer is CMX Omni 1000E... Yes it has TBC controls,
but they are very KLUDGEY, i.e. just as soon as you think you are fine
tuned into the level you want, they jump to some extreme.  This is a whole
other issue that we are trying to deal with CMX on.  We have another issue
to deal with as well.  As 60 MINUTES is done in a Studio Control Room/Edit
Room, there is a "Video Operator" responsible for all Video Levels on the
show and even the VTR's are his domain, and he makes use of the ZAXCOM,
though I also have a control panel in front of me.  This was not a problem
when the room was all D-2s and I could ask for UNITY and know I had a true
unity.  When its important for me to have a true UNITY these days, I do use
the TBC controls of the Omni, I'm just looking for an easier way. (Aren't
we all??)

Thank you again.

M. Scott Cole
Post Production, 60 MINUTES

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