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Re: "True", "True" (H)DTV....and the relation to 720/60P Display Syst ems

Phil Bennett (X-Abekas) wrote;

"Sorry Howard but this isn't quite true. The interlaced resolution is
than 540 lines. You may want to take a look for info on Kell Factor which
gives the perceived resolution. A value of 0.7 is normally used. This is
whole reason for using interlace in the first place."

Ähum...got another opinion - the prime  reason for using a (sorry) scheme
like interlace is that it is analog compression. Well, I am not ungrateful,
interlace has done the job for a long time know but lets face it, its a
retireee. But pleeease let things progress and not carry old and several
times learned lessons through to ther next generation. 

Kell factor? Could we not just agree here and now not to mention thisThing
again? Please? 
What I mean is that its about time its validity  was questioned as its some
time ago it was conceived and we "look" at images quite differently today. 
With digital TV (with or without H) , interlace has no purpose. In fact, it
just complicates the issue. 
In MPEG, 3-dimensional compression is required, not 1- dimensional as
interlace is. In addition,  the "computerworld" has a problem understanding
the purpose of interlace, logically.

Likewise, interlace has no purpose in production and postproduction either.

For hardware manufacturers neither is interlace an issue, both could be
supported without difficulty if uniformly applied (de-interlacing requirers
some skill) throughout the signal chain.

Thought I would get this offladed...

rgds/mike reichel

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