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That interlace thing again

>With digital TV (with or without H) , interlace has no purpose. In fact, it
>just complicates the issue. 
>In MPEG, 3-dimensional compression is required, not 1- dimensional as
>interlace is. In addition,  the "computerworld" has a problem understanding
>the purpose of interlace, logically.

Be careful .. interlace is 2D (temporal and vertical) compression and I'm
not sure I'd call it analog as both dimensions are quantised. I never did
like it much either but it was good bang for the buck! If the computer world
doesn't understand things like interlace completely then gamma and
colorimetry are going to be a problem for them too.

Perhaps they will toss those concepts away to as "Old Stuff" as well.

The point of my post was that a fundamental understanding and study of the
whole imaging system is important before you start making judgements on
changes. This is especially true for post production where transmission
oriented compression schemes like interlace or MPEG are typically a disaster. 

>Likewise, interlace has no purpose in production and postproduction either.
Agreed, the ADO team at Ampex  used to call interlace "the work of the
devil" (but I note that Steve who hated it the most is now up at Microsoft) 
Phil Bennett

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