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Los Angeles STE Meeting

To all those in the Los Angeles Area: 
This Thursday Evening (Oct.16)the Society of Television Engineering(STE)
will meet in Burbank.  STE is a group of local Television Engineers that
have been meeting in the Los Angeles Area since 1941.  Some of the TIG
subscribers are active members and attend on a regular basis.  All
Engineers/Colorists are invited to attend this meeting.  This Thursday's
presentation is very timely to recent discussions and will be given by
Larry Thorpe of Sony.

The topic will be "Production for Digital Television".  Larry is
Sony's most knowledgeable spokesman and is very tecnically qualified to
discuss acquistion for DTV.  He will speak about the implications of
Difinition television (HDTV) and wide screen standard definition
television (SDTV) imaging.  Also to be covered will be Electronic and 
Film Acquisition for DTV program origination.  He can answer the
of what role Sony intends to play in the Telecine Market.

All are Welcome.

Social Hour starts at 6:00pm
Dinner is at 6:50pm
Meeting starts at 8:00pm

For Dinner reservations Please Call George Hamilton at NBC (818)
or FAX to (818) 840-3246.  Dinner cost is $25.00 with a reservation and
$30.00 without reservations. Please make your dinner reservations by 
Thursday morning. If not coming for dinner please arrive shortly before

		Mountain View Room
		1250 Harvard Road
		Burbank, CA 91501
		(818) 843-5013
For further information or questions please call Don McCroskey at
		(818) 846-0918


Bill Hogan    bhogan at sprockcketdig.com		v.818-566-7700
Sprocket Digital	Burbank,CA		f.818-566-4477

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