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RT night, Los Angeles, Oct. 30

As background for those who may not know the details, Richard
Terpilowski, renowned telecine engineer at 525 Post in Hollywood, had
a dire accident in the Spring of 1997.  His recovery has been somewhat
miraculous...perhaps aided by the love of many who are close to him.
As his friend Mike Orton can attest, help has come from around the
world.  The following is an announcement from Donna Reid of Options

Our dear friend, Richard Terpilowski, will be going back home to
England (at least temporarily), within the next few weeks.  Mike Orton
and R.T.'s brother (Ian) have given Options the "go ahead" to proceed
with coordinating a party for Richard prior to that time.

Although Options will be mailing numerous Invitations... we are
certain that we will "unintentionally" miss people that should be
invited.  With this in mind, Rob has kindly agreed for us to make an
announcement on the TIG.  Thus, if you are directly connected to the
telecine industry (i.e. manufacturers, distributors, & facilities) and
are a friend of Richard's... please accept the following as your

In honor or Richard Terpilowski
Options Int'l. cordially invites
you & your staff to a
Telecine Fun Night
with Richard and industry friends

Date:  Thursday (Oct. 30th)
Time:  6pm - 8pm
Place: Silver Screen Lounge
           Hyatt Regency
           8401 Sunset Blvd.
           Hollywood, CA

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dalih
(pronounced "Da Lah"), who is coordinating the party for Options.
Phone (615-327-8090) Fax: (615-327-1326).

This party is a prime opportunity to display your friendship, love and
support to Richard in person.  We truly hope you'll join us for a
rousing send-off for him.

All the best,

Rob Lingelbach          |  2660 Hollyridge Dr., Los Angeles, CA 90068
rob at alegria.com         | "I care not much for a man's religion whose dog or 
rob at info.com            |  cat are not the better for it."  --Abraham Lincoln
rob at cloister.org                KB6CUN   http://www.alegria.com

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