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Re: Regional coding on DVD players

In a message dated 97-10-14 08:48:09 EDT, you write:
>  A little off topic but anyway....
>  In Australia there are certain individuals who will recode a DVD Player
>  with a regon 0 code for about A$150 (US$100).  The regon 0 code allows 
>  disks from any regon to be played.  I don't know if this is legal or
>  not.  Perhaps someone in the group can clarify this.

I understand from our Chinese distributor that this modificaton is made
routinely in electronics shops throughout Hong Kong and mainland China.  They
apparently don't charge anything for the modification and it would be quite
unusual to find a DVD player in China that did NOT use the Region 0 code.

Hugh Heinsohn
Digital Vision

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