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Finally got my hands on the July SMPTE Journal, in which Henry Mahler of 

I thought that SMPTE had a board of editors, whose job it is to read the 
articles before publication, to make sure that they had at least a 
modicum of sense in them.

These tests were obviously planned by Sony and CBS to push cost-effective 
S16 and 16mm out of the picture, and sell the productions that would be 
tempted by S16's savings on HDTV cameras instead.  (There was no way that 
they could have claimed 35mm was unsuitable for HDTV...  though I'm sure 
that they would have if they could have.)

My favorite howler in the piece was Mr. Mahler's claim, and I quote:

"It was felt that the film motion artifacts may be attributable to the 
fact that there are fewer sprocket holes in the 16mm film.  In fact there 
is a two to one relationship between the number of sprocket holes per 
picture in 35mm to that of 16mm."

Earth to Henry!  Earth to Henry!  Can you count?  There is (for 4-perf 
35mm) an 8:1 ratio of perfs-per-frame to S16 or single perf (now the 
norm) 16mm stock.  How this passed the SMPTE editors astounds me...  
unless you feel (as many do) that the "MP" really disappeared from SMPTE 
many years ago, and that it's primarily a video engineering group.  

That's the only excuse for publishing hokum like this as a "Tutorial" 
(which is what the Journal calls it).  

Disgusted in Muncie,

John Snopes

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