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color timing film with telecine

19th October 97

Hi everybody!

We are a film processing lab operating in Bombay, INDIA and process 16mm 
& 35mm.

I have always wondered if one could color correct(time) the negatives on 
a telecine & transfer the information into printer points for onwards 
film printing operation. The reason for thinking on those lines is 
because of the brilliant & crisp picture quality offered by a telecine. 
Color correction would be a real pleasure with the telecine displaying 
the images in such detail. One also gets to hear of products like 
Cintel's TKG, Gamma Charts etc that establish a definite link between 
telecine control points & film printer points. Would these products 

Please advice if this is possible, or is it wishful thinking. Thanks in 

Best Regards,

for Quality Cine Labs Pvt Ltd

Mohit Shetty

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