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Re: CBS HDTV Tests

On Oct 19, 14:31, bob at bluescreen.com wrote:
} Subject: Re: CBS HDTV Tests

> It's nice to see a large group like this getting down into the gutter,
> attempting to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt throughout the
> industry.

As a logical argument, we have almost 900 subscribers to the TIG, and
this discussion on the SMPTE/CBS article has involved perhaps 8
correspondents.  That's less than 1% of the subscriber base, so I
don't think I would characterize the situation as a 'large group
getting down into the gutter'.

My personal opinion is that Mr. Bacon and Mr. Snopes are on target in
their views of the CBS tests of 16mm.

> I wouldn't want to think Kodak was down there alone.

Elaborate, Bob-- how has Kodak been in the gutter?


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