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Re: CBS HDTV Tests

On Sun, 19 Oct 1997 09:51:39 -0700, you wrote:
>On Oct 19, 14:31, bob at bluescreen.com wrote:
>} Subject: Re: CBS HDTV Tests
>> It's nice to see a large group like this getting down into the gutter,
>> attempting to spread fear, uncertainty, and doubt throughout the
>> industry.
>As a logical argument, we have almost 900 subscribers to the TIG, and
>this discussion on the SMPTE/CBS article has involved perhaps 8
>correspondents.  That's less than 1% of the subscriber base, so I
>don't think I would characterize the situation as a 'large group
>getting down into the gutter'.
Oh boy! 

The large group to which I was referring was CBS and Sony, NOT the TIG or
any of its members!  Sorry if you (or anyone on the list) misconstrued my
>My personal opinion is that Mr. Bacon and Mr. Snopes are on target in
>their views of the CBS tests of 16mm.
I agree.
>> I wouldn't want to think Kodak was down there alone.
>Elaborate, Bob-- how has Kodak been in the gutter?
Kodak has, for at least the twenty years I have followed their advertising
and marketing efforts, always followed a slash-and-burn
lets-see-how-much-we-can-get-away-with philosophy when it comes to pushing
their product.

A classic example is their current print ad campaign (I happened to see it
in Millimeter, but I'm sure it's elsewhere as well) where they shoot the
same scene of a close up of a model's face side by side on 35 and

Then they do a 25% optical blow up on the 35, and a 25% Avid zoom in on the

An AVID zoom in, for God's sakes.  Aside from the horrible pixelation which
usually results from even highest quality digital blowups, the lens on the
machine that did the optical blowup probably cost more than the entire

Then they print the resulting images side by side in the magazine and say
"see how much better looking film is?"

This is the sort of thing to which I referred.

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