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Re: Re: CBS HDTV Tests

Bob Kertesz writes:

>An AVID zoom in, for God's sakes.  Aside from the horrible pixelation which
>usually results from even highest quality digital blowups, the lens on the
>machine that did the optical blowup probably cost more than the entire

Actually, probably not --  especially at today's bargain optical printer 
prices.  The Nikkor lenses for optical printers are in the $5000 range 
(last time I checked, don't even know if they still make them new...) 
while an Avid with 3D DVE (the MC8000) is in the $80K range.  Even adding 
an optical printer to the package (used, say $15K for single head) would 
give us a four to one ratio, close to the miracle CBS 2:1 35:16 perf 
ratio referred to beforehand.  ;-)

As far as Kodak...  well, who here remembers the days of the Hunt 
Brothers' Silver Escapade?  Kodak raised their prices 100% (!) to cover 
the increased cost of silver (from ~$5/oz to ~$50/oz), which was 
understandable.  But when silver dropped back to normal prices, Kodak 
dropped their prices only about 35%.  Why?  They decided the market could 
bear it.

They also did their best to kill off color reversal stocks, which were a 
traditional and affordable entry path for beginning filmmakers.  Doing 
this helped video make big inroads in the industrial sector, since video 
(despite the higher investment in equipment) was now decidedly cheaper 
than (color neg) film.

They often do foolish things...  but they're all we have, and we have to 
hope for the best.  Me, I'm hoping for a new B&W neg stock, as Double-X 
was introduced in 1959...  looking for fast, not T-grained.

(I hear the wind call, "Ilford....  Ilford...")

John Snopes
Muncie, Indiana

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