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Costs for Dailies Transfer

Hello Everyone,

We're a facility in Manila and we're currently quoting dailies transfer
for a feature film project that will be shot here.  Unfortunately, we
have no experience doing this type of work (synching sound w/ film)
except for the hundreds of tests that we've conducted.  In manila, all
films are dubbed (ADR).  Technically, our set-up is capable to do it.

My question is:
1.  How do you charge for dailies w/ sync sound transfers?  Is it based
on hours of use or is it package cost (based on footage) regardless of
2.  Since you have to stop for each take, what would be a good factor to
use to compute the length of studio time needed to complete the job?  Is
it double the footage length?  or more...

I'd really appreciate any inputs.  Thanks in advance.


Raul Bulaong

  Raul G. Bulaong                                 |     RoadRunner
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