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Re: Exchange media: DVC-Pro or DV-Cam?

Said  John Bowring  21/10/97 15:42 :-

> The 'crystal ball' is in hyperdrive with all the confusion over 
> tape formats!  Sony alone at last count is offering something 
> like 8 different mostly non compatible tape formats. [..]
> But JPB may be interested in the new little DVCPRO 230 series
> recorder/player. It's about the same size as a waveform monitor 
> and lists for around AUD$8K. [..]

Thank you John for your well documented answer, but there is a hint: 
from the data we got from the Panasonic representative here, the 
current DVCPro doesn't directly record Vitc lines.

The regular 2-Line-VITC is decoded before Jpeg-ing the images, stored 
as data packets, and reconstructed during playback with video frame 
incrementation compensating for the image (de)compression delays.
But how to handle the various foot and frame incrementations of the 
Keycode line, and the many drop or non-drop audio frame rates stored 
in the AudioTC line of the 3-Line-VITC?

This eliminates the use of this VITC unfriendly format as a carrier 
between telecines and NLEs since the Keycode and the AudioTC would 
either disappear or be misinterpreted.

Here is the solution (!?) they propose: VITC lines -- provided they 
are recorded in the image area, e.g. lines 23-24-25 in PAL -- are said
to resist their 3:1 compression (even 5:1).  But WHO will accept to see 
crawling white dots at the image top?

Could you now exchange your crystal ball for an X-ray machine over 
Panasonic's <next-standard> folders?


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