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Costs for Dailies Transfer

Raul ...

I don't have specific answers to your questions.  However, we have had 
some experience in this kind of work -- a lot of the movies about the 
Vietnam war are shot here and we get quite regular requests to transfer 
dailies and/or use our editing facilities.  These days we usually turn 
them down because:

a)	The disruption it causes to the facility is disproportionate to 
the amount of income derived from it;

b)	They generally want to pay very low rates because they're 
unaware that it costs about three times as much to purchase and install 
the equipment in this region due to transportation, customs duties, 
lack of manufacturer technical support, etc.;

c)	You'll have to put up with a bunch of parochial Hollywood wankers 
drinking all the booze in your bar!

It really comes down to how busy you are normally, and how much 
inconvenience you're willing to subject your regualar clients to.

Mark Kovalevsky
Loxley Video Post

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