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Re: Exchange media: DVC-Pro or DV-Cam?

jpb <aaton.jp at alpes-net.fr> wrote:

>....from the data we got from the Panasonic representative here, the
>current DVCPro doesn't directly record Vitc lines.

DVCPRO is not the only new digital format that can't record 3 line VITC
because its recorded as 'data packets' JVC's DIGITAL S is in the same
situation according to an Australian post house that has tried to use it.
As DIGITAL BETACAM SX is not at all popular down here I'm not sure what its
situation is with 3 line VITC compatibility - does anyone out there
have any experience with it?


John Bowring.

BTW - PANASONIC's reps assure me they're working on it!

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