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October 22, 1997

Re: Quality Cine Labs/Bombay, India... "Crisp 16mm Pictures".

I have noted a recent request for information...

Please be advised that OXBERRY LLC, Carlstadt, New Jersey USA
manufactures a "specialized... scanning system"... ie FILM SCANNER that
is desinged to provide the required 'crisp 16mm (or other film format)
digital images.

While the Oxberry Motion Picture Film Scanners are NOT designed to be
replacements for the current telecine machines, the Oxberry's do offer
themselves as terrific "companion products" to telecine facilities.

High resolution, excellent dynamic range and increasing (per frame)
imaging times make for a very interesting group of products.

Note: The above comments are provided NOT as an avenue for Oxberry
commercial promotion, but rather as an honest response to a TIG members
request for information.

Best regards to all.

Steve Hallett
North American Sales Manager, Digital Cinemagraphic Products

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