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Kodak and Cineon

The following is part of a press release I have recently received from
Kodak in the UK, which I think is of interest to everyone involved in
film-based post production.


Kodak Professional Motion Imaging Divison has announced it will change its
participation in the digital motion imaging software business and
discontinue the sale of its digital hardware products currently marketed
under the Cineon brand.

'As the film market share leader in television, feature movies and
commercial production,' said Richard Aschman, President, PMI, 'we will
continue to play a leading role in digital filmmaking, investing in the
core technologies required for the film-digital interface. However, our
current business model is not meeting our financial objectives and
sustained participation would require continuing high investments in
technology to serve a widespread, but relatively small, customer base.'

....Kodak is exploring a number of options ranging from a strategic
relationship to a sale of the business. 'We are in discussion with several
companies,' Aschman said. 'We are seeking an industry leader who has the
critical mass and long-term commitment to serve Kodak's customer base with
a continuing stream of high-quality, innovative products.' While the search
is underway, Kodak will complete development of - and launch - its
anticipated Cineon software Version 4.0 (Outbreak).

'...our Genesis scanners and Lightning recorders have been well received by
customers...but the size of the worldwide hardware market does not justify
our continued participation.'


According to Kodak's UK press office, this will have no effect on the
Spirit, for which Kodak makes the optics and sensors. Kodak's own badged
version of Spirit (Thunder) had been abandoned some time ago.

Anyone else any thoughts on this?


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