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Re: Kodak and Cineon

On Wed, 22 Oct 1997 11:14:42 -0400, you wrote:
>Kodak Professional Motion Imaging Divison has announced it will change its
>participation in the digital motion imaging software business and
>discontinue the sale of its digital hardware products currently marketed
>under the Cineon brand.
The papers (trade and otherwise) have had several stories in the last month
or so about financial difficulties at Kodak, and the anticipation that
there would be layoffs in the thousands across all divisions and a general
retrenching of priorities.

In fact, the general post effects business is undergoing big changes.  Boss
films closes, Disney closes its effects division and buys Dreamquest,
Warner's closes its effects division, Sony lays off staff in their effects
division, Digital Domain lays off staff.

Quite a bit of this can be traced to the rise of more powerful and
sophisticated desktop systems, where an effects supervisor with $30K or a
decent line of credit can do major effects work (although not in real time)
in his or her living room.  I expect to see further upheaval in this area.
The majority of subscribers to this list are relatively safe since it still
takes a great deal of money, space, and personnel to do decent film

The Cineon is a beautiful system. Assuming the software continues to be
upgraded and there is no more hardware sold, the ones already in existence
are worth a lot more right about now.  I expect hourly rates will go up.

Bob Kertesz
BlueScreen LLC

The Ultimate in ULTIMATTE compositing.  
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