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Re: crisp 16mm pictures

grant.petty at digitalvoodoo.net wrote on 10/22/97 11:27 AM the following:

>you would
>get some really nice looking images, providing you are not having problems
>with the shoot or processing.

I agree with you. The problem with 16mm in India is with processing and 

Mohit Shetty (Quality Cine Labs) could correct me. I have been away from 
India for last five years. I pioneered the use of 16mm in India and gave 
up in sheer frustration because the lack of 'proper' post production 
facilities. Quality Labs is one of the pioneers but in my view they took 
the wrong approach to 16mm production.

People in India work from camera negative, have no A & B roll printing, 
not adequate 16mm sound recording and re-recording, and so on. Telecine 
transfer can keep the quality in transfer but cannot correct for the 
losses in processing and printing stage.

The shoot in my opinion is world quality, and original film processing 
has considerably improved, but from then on is a downhill road.

Anil Srivastava

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